Navarro ISD approves salary increase for all employees

Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Cindy Aguirre

(Geronimo) — The Navarro ISD remains a favorable player when it comes to maintaining and recruiting quality teachers. The Navarro ISD Board of Trustees on Monday approved another consecutive salary increase for employees across the district.

Navarro Communications Officer Whitney Magness, says for the last few years, including this past year, the Navarro ISD has approved a pay raise for all employees.

“Navarro ISD School Board has actually approved a three percent increase for the last six years in a row. So, our teachers have gotten to see a substantial increase. So, let’s just say over the last four years, if we stack it all up, it would be approximately $6,500 that we’ve added on to teacher salaries over the last four years, all together,” said Magness.

Magness says the school board adopted the 2021-2022 salary schedules for all continuing teachers and a 3 percent of the midpoint of each salary group, up to the schedule maximum, for continuing teachers, administrators, counselors, librarians, clerical, paraprofessional, technical and auxiliary staff with the exception of staff members that are already at the maximum or over who will be frozen at their 2020-2021 salary.

“The board approved a 3 percent raise for employees across the board so for our teachers that are on salary, that represents a $1,600 increase for their contract,” said Magness.

Despite the uncertainty of this past year, Magness says the district remained focused and committed on doing what was needed.

“The school board and Superintendent Russell try to make it a priority to keep us competitive and also to make sure our teacher know that we value them, we know the time that they put in but also do our best to give them that monetary pay — ‘hey, we value you. We want to keep you.’ We really want to find, hire and keep the best teachers possible for our students,” said Magness.

The bump in salary also increased the starting teacher salary in the Navarro ISD to $48,500. That’s an increase from last year’s total of $47,000.

The new teacher salaries will go into effect for the 2021-2022 contract year.

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