Machinery Manufacturing (NAICS 333)

The Machinery Manufacturing (NAICS: 333) subsector creates the heavy machinery and equipment used in agricultural, industrial, construction and mining activities, as well as general-purpose machinery such as heating and cooling units and engines and transmissions. The Seguin region Machinery Manufacturing subsector is supported by companies such as Caterpillar, Alamo Group, Pakmor, and Rave Gears. Regional job concentration in this subsector is 9 times greater than the national job concentration. In other words, the Seguin region has 866% more jobs in the Machinery Manufacturing subsector than the average region. The cost of labor in the Seguin region is also below average in this manufacturing subsector. Workforce availability for this subsector in key occupations such as machinists; production and operating workers; assemblers and fabricators; welders; and mechanical engineers is above average with an overall concentration of 1.86. Overall job growth for these key occupations within this subsector was 27.8% from 2015-2020, indicating that the regional talent pool is increasing.


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Executive Summary

Workforce Availability

Key occupations in Machinery Manufacturing have an overall concentration of 1.86, indicating above average workforce availability. These occupations experienced overall job growth of 27.8% from 2015-2020, indicating that the regional talent pool is increasing.

Machinery Manufacturing Companies in Seguin


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