Seguin Economic Development Corporation

Welcome to the Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), the driving force behind economic growth and prosperity in Seguin, Texas. As a Type A Economic Development Corporation, our mission is to promote and enhance the economic vitality in Seguin, Texas. Our primary goal is to attract and retain businesses, facilitate job creation, and stimulate overall economic prosperity in the community. 

At SEDC, we are dedicated to attracting new businesses, supporting existing enterprises, and fostering a business-friendly environment that stimulates job creation and improves the quality of life for our residents. We work tirelessly to position Seguin as a prime destination for businesses seeking a thriving and supportive community.

Through strategic partnerships with the City of Seguin, local educational institutions, chambers of commerce, and regional economic development entities, we leverage collaborative efforts to maximize the impact of our initiatives. Together, we aim to create a dynamic ecosystem that nurtures business growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

SEDC offers a range of services to facilitate economic development in Seguin. We provide site selection assistance, connecting businesses with prime locations that suit their needs. We also offer valuable business incentives, grants, and workforce training programs to support the expansion and retention of existing businesses. Our dedicated team is ready to assist and guide businesses at every stage, from inception to expansion and beyond.

In alignment with Seguin's unique strengths and goals, we focus on attracting and developing businesses in key industries such as manufacturing, advanced technology, aerospace, logistics, healthcare, and renewable energy. By capitalizing on our strategic advantages, we aim to create a diverse and sustainable economy that benefits both businesses and residents.

Transparency and community engagement are paramount to us. We actively seek input from residents, business leaders, and stakeholders to ensure that our efforts align with the needs and aspirations of Seguin's vibrant community. Together, we can shape a prosperous future for Seguin, where businesses thrive, jobs flourish, and residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life.

Thank you for your interest in the Seguin Economic Development Corporation. We invite you to explore our resources, connect with our team, and discover the countless opportunities that Seguin offers for businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Mission: To strengthen and grow the City of Seguin’s economic base and increase the standard of living for all its citizens by providing development support and resources for business attraction, retention and expansion with the ultimate goal of creating primary jobs and capital investments. This mission includes the promotion of workforce enhancement and other business development initiatives that provide economic diversification and stabilization.

About Seguin, Texas

Located thirty minutes east of San Antonio and about an hour south of Austin, Seguin is positioned to compete for future investment. Seguin has ample property ready for development and excellent access to the major thoroughfares of I-10 and SH130. With a population of over 30,000 people, Seguin is a diverse community that people of all incomes, ages and backgrounds call home.

Seguin serves as the retail hub for three major counties—Guadalupe, Gonzales and Wilson. Seguin is experiencing citywide business expansion, with many nationally known retailers entering, returning and expanding in the market. Seguin’s retail sales remain strong with sales tax revenues up 13.14% in 2021. With new housing developments and increased traffic counts, Seguin has seen the pace of commercial development greatly increase in the past two years.

As Seguin experiences abundant commercial growth, the community’s housing market is also thriving. Seguin’s residential real estate market is booming with +15,000 residential units proposed as of May 2023.

Manufacturing is the heart of the Seguin economy. Big name corporations such as Caterpillar, Vitesco Technologies, Tyson Foods, Georgia Pacific, Niagara Bottling, Alamo Group, Hexcel and CMC Steel all have major manufacturing operations within our city. The Seguin region has over 7,000 manufacturing jobs; this is more than three times the national average.