Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The City of Seguin and Seguin Economic Development Corporation contracted Ernst & Young (EY) in March 2023 to develop a Comprehensive Economic development strategy (CEDS) for Seguin. The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy will help develop a unified vision and strategic approach to achieving a robust, resilient economy over the next three years and beyond. The CEDS will help Seguin attract and retain businesses that will create primary jobs by focusing efforts that leverage the community’s assets and strengths. The Strategy was designed to provide the SEDC, the City of Seguin and other business, education, nonprofit, and public sector leaders with a cohesive action plan that ensures everyone is working in-step toward a shared vision and goals.

About the CEDS Project

The EY Economic Development Advisory Services (EDAS) team developed the CEDS in three phases. Phase 1 focused on gaining a deep understanding of the Seguin economy from multiple perspectives to ensure that the subsequent CEDS truly reflected the needs of Seguin residents and businesses and provided achievable goals to help Seguin take advantage of current opportunities and prepare for the future. Phase 2 of this project focused on conducting a Targeted Industry Analysis that helped identify and validate targeted industries for the City of Seguin. And finally, for Phase 3 of this project, EY worked with the City of Seguin and the SEDC to develop the economic development strategy, which included documenting the vision, prioritizing goals, and measurable objectives. The framework included an economic development vision for the City of Seguin, which helped to answer the question “Where do we want to go?” by describing the ideal state of Seguin’s future economy. Prioritizing goals around topics and measurable objectives was included in the strategy to begin to answer the question “How are we going to get there?”. Each goal was supported by text and statistics that explain the need, the goal’s relevance, and why it should be a priority for Seguin. Objectives are  smaller steps within goals that further break down how the City of Seguin and the SEDC will achieve these goals.

The CEDS Strategic Framework

Vision: Seguin is recognized throughout Texas and the US as a destination for business and talent because of its vibrant quality of life, prosperous economy and access to economic opportunity.

Goals for the next three to five years:

  • Partnership-based workforce development and education: Increasing educational opportunities, creating clearer pathways to higher-paying jobs, and identifying barriers to workforce development can all support improved economic outcomes for Seguin residents, and ensure that local businesses have the skilled workforce they need to succeed.
  • Targeted industry development: Attracting new businesses to Seguin can provide more job opportunities for local workers, and paired with workforce
    development efforts, can connect residents to the skills training they need to find a local and fulfilling career, while supporting overall economic growth
    and diversification in new industries that present exciting opportunities for Seguin. A focus on policy, communication, and marketing will be key.
  • Quality of life: Growing the local retail, dining, and entertainment industries can present job or entrepreneurship opportunities for locals while making Seguin a more attractive place for residents, visitors, workers, businesses, and students.
  • Communications and marketing: Better communication will support SEDC’s business recruitment efforts, improve Seguin’s reputation within the region and state, and keep residents and local businesses aware of new opportunities that can translate to increase socioeconomic mobility for residents.

Download the Seguin Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy

About Ernst & Young LLP, Economic Development Advisory Services

The mission and passion of Economic Development Advisory Services (EDAS) is to help communities create more prosperous and equitable economies. We work with states, local governments, economic development organizations, chambers and workforce agencies.

We support our clients from day one of their strategic planning process through implementation, engaging stakeholders every step of the way. Our integrated approach includes an array of services tailored to every stage of an economy's development.

Our data-driven, inclusive economic development strategies help community leaders walk in step toward a shared community vision and goals. We also help our clients as they implement strategy, assisting with, for example, funding, measuring progress and impact, and updating tactics as market conditions change. 

EY Project Team

Core project team:Project support:

Edgar Padilla  
Project Manager


Jung Kim  
Research Lead
Marian Kansas  
Project Coordinator
Jennifer Burrington  
Research Support
Tony DeLisi  
Project Advisor 
Rhianna Di Trapani  
Project Support
 Jordan Cooley  
Project Support