Workforce Development Initiatives

The Seguin Economic Development Corporation is dedicated to serving local businesses by providing opportunities to attract and retain a strong local workforce. To support this initiative, the Seguin EDC partners with local industry, area school districts, and post-secondary schools to provide opportunities for students to learn about local career opportunities to build a strong workforce that keeps area students local after graduation. These opportunities include National Manufacturing Day Industry Tours, Seguin Youth Career Day, Seguin Job Shadow Day, Seguin Career Day, Seguin Industry Signing Day, Regional Job Fair, TX FAME Lone Star and a Teacher Externship Program. These initiatives have helped identify skills gaps, created new educational partnerships between schools and industry, and increased industry awareness with the next generation of workers in Seguin.

National Manufacturing Day Industry Tours

National Manufacturing Day addresses common misconceptions about modern manufacturing careers by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors to showcase what manufacturing is — and what it isn’t. This initiative begins to address the skilled labor shortage that many manufacturers face by allowing manufacturers to take charge of the public image of modern manufacturing by connecting them with future generations to ensure the ongoing prosperity of the whole industry.

To celebrate National Manufacturing Day, the Seguin EDC coordinates tours of local manufacturing facilities for three school districts and 180 students to give them a first-hand look at what manufacturing today looks like in Seguin, Texas.

Seguin Youth Career Expo

The Seguin Youth Career Expo is an interactive and dynamic experience that facilitates a connection between 8th grade students, their Career & Technical Education (CTE) pathways & local industry. During the Seguin Youth Career Expo, local employers across all industries gather together to showcase their company's operations through a hands-on experience. Companies are encouraged to bring equipment, products, videos, uniforms, etc. to create an interactive student experience that will highlight the company's career pathways as well as the educational attainment and skill sets that are required for success in that company's industry. This event encourages students to explore their interests while providing them the opportunity to learn how they can apply those interests to future professional endeavors. The goal is to inspire before they choose their CTE pathway in high school!

Seguin Job Shadow Day

students during seguin job shadow dayThe Seguin Job Shadow Day is a collaborative effort between the Seguin EDC, Seguin ISD, Navarro ISD, and Marion ISD. The program provides local high school students the opportunity to explore an occupation/industry of their interest to learn more about specific job skills and responsibilities. Seguin Job Shadow Day is planned in conjunction with National Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, a public awareness campaign that takes place every February to celebrate the value of CTE, as well as the achievements and accomplishments of CTE Programs across the Country. CTE directly prepares students for high-wage, high-demand careers that cover many different fields, including healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, hospitality, management, and many more.

Seguin Career Day

students explore seguin career daySeguin Career Day is an interactive experience that facilitates a connection between high school students and local Seguin businesses. During the event, employers from the Seguin community gather at one of our local high schools to showcase their company's operations, career pathways, and highlight the educational attainment and skill sets that are required for success in that company's industry. This event encourages students to explore their interests while providing them the opportunity to learn how they can apply those interests to future professional endeavors. This event primarily targets high school seniors that are looking to head straight into the workforce, providing employers the opportunity to highlight their current employment opportunities. Over 400 seniors from Seguin, Navarro and Marion high school participate in Seguin Career Day annually.

Seguin Industry Signing Day

Seguin Industry Signing Day is an extension of a national event that applauds high school seniors who made the decision to pursue a career in skilled trades, a sector in high demand that continues to face an immense labor shortage. Seguin Industry Signing Day highlights the importance of Career and Technical Education (CTE) to ensure a skilled future workforce for the Seguin Community and nationwide. During Seguin Industry Signing Day, local high school senior students sign letters of intent reflecting their commitment to go straight into the workforce with Seguin companies or various technical schools across the nation. This program is similar to that of a student’s athletic scholarship signing day.

Regional Job Fairs

The Seguin EDC collaborates with the Cibolo EDC, the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, and the Schertz EDC to host  a series of impactful regional job fairs held four times annually.  The regional partnership is firmly committed to supporting local employers and residents, aiming to catalyze and nurture economic expansion within the area. The combined efforts of the Seguin EDC, the Cibolo EDC, the Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, and the Schertz EDC create a platform for job seekers and employers to connect and engage as exciting new positions emerge in the region.

TX FAME Lone Star Chapter

Texas Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (TX FAME) is a partnership of regional manufacturers whose purpose is to implement dual-track, apprenticeship-style training that will create a pipeline of highly skilled workers. The purpose of TX FAME is to be the catalyst for developing world-class technical talent for manufacturing. TX FAME strives to be a conduit between industry and training providers with a primary focus on meeting the needs of manufacturers.

The Seguin EDC, in partnership with economic development and manufacturing stakeholders across Guadalupe and Comal Counties are excited to announce the creation of the new TX FAME – Lonestar (TX FAME Lonestar). The TX FAME Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AMT) Program will allow individuals to earn an Associate of Applied Science in Advanced Manufacturing Technology through a technical college while working for a TX FAME company.

In this two-year, Department of Labor registered apprenticeship, individuals attend class two days a week and spend the remaining three days at their sponsoring company. Individuals must both apply and be accepted to the supporting education’s partner and a TX FAME company for a duration of the program. TX FAME companies have the flexibility of upskilling incumbent employees through this program or interviewing and bringing on external candidates. The benefit to the individual is that they are learning while getting their education and building their resume all at the same time.

The TX FAME Lone Star Chapter launched its first cohort in the Fall of 2023 at the Central Texas Technology Center. For more information visit:

Seguin Teacher Externship Program

seguin bus tourThe Seguin EDC has previously hosted a Seguin Bus Tour that provided educators the opportunity to tour local manufacturers to gain a better understanding of the trends, skill requirements and opportunities available within each industry. In the fall of 2023, the Seguin EDC will expand on this initiative by partnering with the Alamo STEM Workforce Coalition to bring the Teacher Externship Program to Seguin, Texas.

The Teacher Externship Program provides educators across the region the opportunity to connect classroom instruction with real world applications. Providing these connections is critical to making learning meaningful for students and providing teachers skills/tools that they can bring back to the classroom to enhance instruction and student learning.