Cost of Living

Seguin, TX population growth has increased 34.45% since 2000. Today, the city’s population is on the rise with projections set at 40K by 2030 and 50K by 2040. However, with more than 7,500 homes on the horizon, these numbers may be attained much sooner.

Anyone looking to improve their quality of life can relocate into Seguin where the economy is strong, the downtown is attractive, and the local events and entertainment draw people in. The cost of living here remains lower than San Antonio's area suburbs and other big Texas cities. It is 5.6% lower than Texas' average and 10.8% lower than the US average.

Overall Cost of Living Index

Location Cost of Living Index
Seguin, TX 89.2
San Antonio, TX 85.7
New Braunfels, TX 94.3
Austin, TX 98.4
Houston, TX 94.9
Dallas, TX 102.0

Source: Jobs EQ ®. Data as of 2018Q4, Cost of Living per C2ER, data as of 2018q4, imputed by Chmura where necessary.


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