Seguin Gazette: Hiring Day Offers Graduating Seniors Job Opportunities

Thursday, May 30, 2019

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Felicia Frazar, The Seguin Gazette

Seguin, Texas- Seguin High School seniors trickled into the Student Activity Center at the high school and made their way from one table to the next.

Representatives from about 20 area businesses were on hand to talk with the students during a hiring-style event called Seguin Career Day.

The event that was held last week was a joint venture between the Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce and the Seguin Economic Development Corporation.

The seniors had the opportunity to visit with local businesses and see what jobs were available in the community for after they walk the stage.

“We have about 20 businesses here who are hiring,” Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce President Kendy Gravett said during the event. “They are also talking to students who might come back here and work here after college or after they do something else and come back home. We’re trying to develop our local talent and bring them jobs and bring our businesses people.”

As students talked with the representatives, they were making connections that could help them later, Seguin ISD Director of Career and Technical Education Steve Gonzalez said.

“It is important for these students to know what their opportunities are locally,” he said. “All of the hard work that is put in behind the scenes, this is where it really counts. This is really what everything should lead to, this opportunity to meet directly with employers and getting several career tracks.”

Additionally, the students learned more about the businesses in town and what service or product they supply.

“It is very important for them to understand what goes on behind the name on the outside of the door of a business,” Gravett said. “What is Alamo Group? You can see what they have, it is right out front with their large equipment. But you don’t necessarily know what Continental is doing, and they are doing some amazing things.

“This is a great opportunity to find out and connect to our local business and see how amazing they are, and to see what different types of jobs are available.”

Brooks Kersh, administrator of Guadalupe Valley Nursing Center, said he met a lot of students who took an interest in the medical profession.

“Many of them looking for a place to go, a place to fit in, interested in their world and what wages would be like in the area and what educational opportunities are open,” he said.

The hiring day was the perfect opportunity for the local facility to meet new potential employees, Kersh said.

“It is very beneficial to us to be able to talk to people and getting from them some direction that they want to go and maybe they’ll be potential employees for us,” he said. “I’m also interested in having the other schools participate because it gives us the chance to meet more people and give them the opportunity to plug into our business and become part of our team.”

The event was open to all Seguin, Navarro, Marion and Lifegate seniors, Gravett said.

All-in-all, Tovar said, the event was a success, even seeing some of the businesses extending job opportunities for some of the students.

“We had some job offers as a result of the event,” she said. “This is a good way to continue to improve our workforce development within our community. Continuing to do these events are going to make us successful and make our students successful.”

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