Employers look to fill job openings during today’s Virtual Job Fair

Thursday, September 10, 2020

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(Seguin) — The Seguin Economic Development Corporation is not letting a pandemic stop it from pairing up employees with employers looking to fill a variety of positions. The SEDC today will again be hosting its third Virtual Job Fair.

Josh Schneuker, the executive director for the SEDC, says residents are again encouraged to learn about available jobs from local employers that are hiring. He says individuals can ask questions via chat and hopefully land themselves a new opportunity.

“It seems to be encouraged by the participating employers to have that dialogue, to ask questions, just really discuss the job like you would at a typical job fair. That’s the feedback that we’ve gotten, and we encouraged folks to really come and be engaging with these employers,” said Schneuker.

Schneuker says so far, the past two virtual job fairs have been successful and believes it’s a win-win for all involved.

“We are getting some good feedback on them. It gave the opportunity for our participating employers to talk about their company, talk about some of their open positions, answer any questions that prospective employees might have on this company on the jobs. So, we’ve had a lot of good participation. I think even a little better than what we expected and also had some good dialogue on the calls as well. We are definitely encouraging folks participating on these virtual job fairs to ask questions, be engaged with these participating employers and we’ve seen that so far. I would say so far so good,” said Schneuker.

Schneuker says every virtual job fair is different and can still prove beneficial even though someone might have already heard from today’s scheduled employers.

“We have CMC, we have Vitesco Technologies, with Caterpillar and with Tyson Foods. There’s a lot of open positions at these companies and there’s a big demand to fill a lot of these jobs especially at these bigger companies here in Seguin so they are looking to hire folks really as soon as they can and even if you were on the call before, it might give you the opportunity to hop back on, ask any additional questions that you might want to put out there and maybe there’s some new opportunities as well in terms of the jobs being offered by these companies as well,” said Schneuker.

There is limited registration to join the virtual job fair. Registration is encouraged beforehand by visiting the SEDC Facebook page. The job fair will be held today from 2 to 3 p.m.

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