Have you or your business been affected by the freeze? City, county officials encourage residents to fill out online damage assessment form

Monday, February 22, 2021

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Cindy Aguirre

(Seguin) – Now that warmer temperatures are back in the forecast, Seguin and Guadalupe County officials want to hear exactly what type of damage was left behind at your home or business by last week’s winter storm.

Seguin Mayor Donna Dodgen says the while many of us are still busy making repairs and perhaps even still waiting for running water, residents are being asked to submit their damage assessment to the office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. She says on Friday, the governor announced a statewide effort to collect the data for this unprecedented event. Dodgen says this information will help officials across the state gain an understanding of damages for individuals throughout Texas.

“There’s also a link that has been on Facebook and all the social media as well as the city’s website page, reporting damages and losses. It’s a self-reporting system to the state and if there is enough built up, hopefully, the state will qualify for some federal aid and some reimbursement from FEMA so please if you’ve lost anything where it be repaired items, food, anything along those sorts of lines — it has a list that reporting mechanism of what examples to report. Please report those because we as a community can utilize that and you, individually, we may be able to receive some funds back. I can’t say that we will but we might. So, those are the kinds of things that we are working on. Monday is the get back to work, get back into our usual order of things but yet, help people recover in the easiest way that we can from this mess that we have been in,” said Dodgen.

Things that you will be asked are whether you or your business had no power, no water, no natural gas or had frozen or damaged water pipes etc.

Guadalupe County Judge Kyle Kutscher is also urging all residents to fill out the questionnaire in hopes of pulling in some federal dollars for the area.

“It’s really important for us to obtain that information as far as damage assessment as it relates to the disaster declaration that I signed in Guadalupe County that Governor Abbott signed for the state of Texas. It’s extremely important to get that information and pass it along because it could result in funding coming back to our communities, some of our tax dollars coming back for these damages caused by the storm but also it helps us as a community prepare for events like this and know what is needed and what type of damage a storm event like this causes — not just with the electrical grid but with water, transportation, other infrastructure, emergency services, equipment, the list goes on and on so it is really important for citizens to take the time and participate in that survey,” said Kutscher.

The link for the short online form can be found on the city of Seguin or Guadalupe County Facebook pages. Photos and images of the damage will be required for submission if available.

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