Guadalupe County salutes, recognizes its manufacturing community

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

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Cindy Aguirre

(Seguin) — Manufacturers of all sizes and types make up a big part of the local economy, and that’s one of the reasons why officials are trying to make a big deal about October being recognized as National Manufacturing Month.

The Guadalupe County Commissioners Court recently approved a proclamation recognizing the contributions of the local manufacturing community.

Seguin Economic Development Director Josh Schneuker spoke to the court prior to its approval of the recognition. These companies largely serve as the backbone of the local economy. Schneuker says they good wages and offer great opportunities to their employees.

“Those companies help infuse new money into our economies. They are prime examples of primary jobs that help lead to economic growth and it is one of the catalysts for all of the growth that we continue to see not only here in Seguin but in Guadalupe County. So, really, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all those manufacturers in Seguin and Guadalupe County for choosing to do business in our community,” said Schneuker.

Schneuker says it’s important that they take this time to not only recognize the manufacturers across Seguin and Guadalupe County, but also to recognize the various entities that come together to make this an attractive place in which to do business.

“We work with you all so much in the trenches whether that be most recently Continental Structural Plastics here in Seguin or just down the street of Cibolo with Aisin and AW Texas. Economic development is a team sport so a lot of these manufacturers wouldn’t be calling Guadalupe County home if it wasn’t for the team effort,” said Schneuker.

Guadalupe County Judge Kyle Kutscher agreed with Schneuker. He says the team approach had led to some big economic development deals that have brought hundreds of new jobs to Guadalupe County. He says it’s helped to keep the local economy strong.

“They all do a good job. We can’t say thank you enough for the partnership and all the hard work and effort that all of you put in. The projects that we’ve been able to attract here, they couldn’t have been done without your support and your help. We are just proud to be a part of the team,” said Kutscher.

Manufacturers have helped boost job growth in Guadalupe County. Local officials say it has not only provided higher wages for local families, but it created more economic opportunities for other businesses in the community as well.

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