Salary increases in store for Navarro ISD

Salary increases in store for Navarro ISD Main Photo

19 Jul 2023

Navarro ISD, News

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Cindy Aguirre

(Geronimo) – The Navarro ISD is not only doing its part to hold on to its quality teachers. It’s also remaining competitive when filling those classroom vacancies.

That’s according to Mandy Epley, the superintendent of schools for the Navarro ISD. Epley says the district recently approved a salary increase for the 2023-2024 fiscal year.

“The board did approve a 4 percent raise of the midpoint for all employees for next year as well as you will see the staff getting an additional $30 per month to go towards health insurance if they do take the health insurance and then our continuing teachers will receive approximately a $2,200 increase in their pay,” said Epley.

Epley says the board prioritizes the district’s teachers and staff members. She says it understands their value.

“The board is very supportive of our employees and really wants to thank them for the hard work that they’ve done as we continue to work in an environment where education is harder and harder to keep people engaged and staying in the profession,” said Epley.

Working to enhance their experience at Navarro ISD, however, will not stop at the end of the budget process. Epley says as the new superintendent, she hopes to assess the needs of employees year round.

“One of the things that I’ll be starting is a compensation task force with our teachers, community, and staff from each department where we will be able to talk about school finance, how it specifically affects Navarro, and what we can do to be competitive and really address staff needs. We will be talking about insurance. We will be talking about compensation as a whole not just your pay but what perks or relationships with businesses for discounts might we be able to capitalize on that you would find value in as an employee and then they’ll be able to make recommendations to the school board based on those meetings and that task force recommendation of what they would like the board to consider going forward when they create the budget and look at compensation annually,” said Epley.

In addition to increasing the salary schedule, the district has also approved an increase for new teachers. The starting pay for new teachers, straight out of college, has increased from $50,800 to $52,500.

The new pay schedule will go into effect this fall.

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