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Austin, TX – Yukon Ventures, a Texas based leader in Cold Storage development, announced its second project in the state of Texas. Located at the intersection of I-10 and State Highway 46 in Seguin, TX, this project is a first-mover for servicing the explosive population growth in Central Texas.

Unlike major metro-plexes such as Houston and DFW which have had a surplus of speculative cold storage facilities announced, cities in and around Central Texas have not seen the same level of activity. With populations surging in double digit percentages, and an abundance of new food production facilities, their public cold storage capacities have remained uniquely unchanged for decades. 

Strategically situated on the I-10 Corridor, the project in Seguin, TX will have the unique ability to service both Austin and San Antonio within less than a one-hour drive, and the Houston Ports and the US-Mexico border in less than a three-hour drive in either direction.

Upon completion, the roughly 170,000 SF state-of-the-art facility will provide storage for 21,000 pallets and 600 blast freezing positions. Unlike the existing vintage facilities in the region, this new project, designed by ARCO Design/Build, will allow for tremendous efficiencies for the operator. The project is immediately available for leasing opportunities.

About Yukon Ventures (

Yukon Venture Partners, LLC was formed in 2018 by Marty Khait and Oliver Davis-Urman in Austin, TX to develop and finance Cold Storage facilities. Recognizing a severely restricted supply and an increasing demand for space from users of all sizes and maturities, YVP set out to bridge the gap by providing operators with much needed inventory.

Armed with an array of unique data, Yukon is able to pinpoint trends in these users’ site selection and growth patterns. By forecasting user growth and migration, Yukon is the first firm in the country to be solely focused on delivering space to the cold chain ahead of demand surges, allowing for truly positive tenant partnerships. In collaboration with our tenant partners, Yukon is dedicated to growing the cold storage industry and to bolstering America’s critical food supply chain.

About the Seguin Economic Development Corporation (

The Seguin Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) is a Type A Corporation established in 1994. Our mission is to strengthen and grow the City of Seguin’s economic base and increase the standard of living for all its citizens by providing development support and resources for business attraction, retention, and expansion, with the ultimate goal of creating primary jobs and capital investments.

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