Targeted Retail

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Location Quotient 
Employment Growth
Average Annual Wage
Forecast Industry Growth

Site selection considerations for industry

  • Growing populations and incomes are attractive to chain retailers
  • Access to major transportation routes is attractive to chain retailers that want to reach a large population
  • Downtown retail spaces might be best utilized for local business owners who can create a unique retail experience specific to Seguin

Retail in Seguin

  • Industry growth: Employment in targeted retail declined from 2017 – 2022, likely due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, most businesses in retail are operating again, and the industry is predicted to grow by 1% in Seguin. While positive forecasted growth is good, a 1% growth forecast suggests that efforts to grow this industry could be strengthened.
  • Industry concentration: Retail is slightly less concentrated in Seguin than at the national level, with a LQ of 0.9. This indicates that targeted retail has an average presence in Seguin, and there is opportunity to grow within this industry.
  • Industry assets: Seguin’s growing population, charming downtown with vacant retail space, and easy access to major roadways makes Seguin a great location for both entrepreneurship and business attraction in targeted retail.
  • Wages: The targeted retail industry does not often pay average or above average wages because jobs in this industry are often low skill and require minimal education. However, Targeted Retail has seen average annual wages grow by 32% in the past several years and the value of this industry goes beyond the wages it can provide workers.
  • Strategic alignment: Expanding targeted retail supports other strategic goal areas, including making Seguin more attractive to workers and new businesses, increasing opportunities for entrepreneurship, and continuing to improve quality of life for all.

Niche Sectors

Entrepreneurship and small businesses development for retail, restaurants, and entertainment in the downtown area: There is an opportunity to support citywide efforts to create a more vibrant downtown by supporting entrepreneurship and local small businesses that can fill empty downtown spaces, making downtown Seguin a unique destination for residents and tourists. Supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses can require more time and investment from the SEDC in comparison to attracting chain retailers, but these efforts would support other strategic goals for the SEDC and the City. When considering the future of downtown, stakeholders wanted to see more and diverse stores, restaurants, and other entertainment businesses, specifically ones that reinforced Seguin’s family- friendly culture, more high-end options, and businesses that encouraged more of a nightlife in Seguin.
Business attraction and expansion of chain retailers along major transportation routes within Seguin: In addition to downtown vibrancy, many stakeholders wanted more shopping and dining opportunities close to home that would keep them within city limits or close to Seguin. It would be beneficial for these developments to be located along major roadways, like SH 46, I-10, I-35, or SH 130 so its easy to access for all residents. The city is experiencing the population and income growth to support more and diverse retail opportunities and could focus its attraction and expansion efforts for chain retailers and big-box stores in shopping centers and development in the transportation corridors, preserving unique downtown space for entrepreneurial retail endeavors.

Market Advantages

Retail Trade Area

With a retail trade area of 1,627 miles and a population of more than 115,000, Seguin serves as the retail hub for portions of Guadalupe, Gonzales and Wilson Counties. Seguin's retail trade area encompasses multiple rural cities throughout the region including Luling, Gonzales, Nixon, Stockdale, Floresville, La Vernia, and Marion. 

Seguin is seeing business expansion city-wide, with nationally known retailers entering, returning and expanding in the market. Strategically positioned in south-central Texas, Seguin remains to be one of the only major retail stops between San Antonio and the Houston on Interstate 10. 

The large majority of Seguin's retail development lies within three retail nodes throughout the city: 

  1. Interstate 10 and State Highway 46 
  2. Interstate 10 and State Highway 123 
  3. State Highway 123 and US-90 (Court Street).

Retail Trade Area Information & Downloads

Seguin Housing Activity Dashboard

Interactive Housing Development Map providing information on the Subdivision Development throughout the City of Seguin. For a PDF Housing Map, click here.