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Thursday, June 13, 2019

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Joe Martin The Seguin Gazette, Seguin, TX

From farmers market to brick and mortar, a local restaurant is looking to diversify Seguin palettes with tastes from around the world.

Mise Co. is a new addition to the Warehouse, located at 108 S. Austin St., serving up a diverse menu with a side of passion.

The restaurant is operated by husband and wife team Lionel Guerra and Veronica Fox, who wish to breathe new life into the Seguin food scene.

“We are a family driven business revolving around farm to table sustainability,” Guerra said. “Our thing is about trying to help the people and the industry serve good food and have fun doing it. We’re no super high-end restaurant, we’re just classically trained with a desire to serve good food and want to have fun.”

The couple wanted to offer a variety of cuisines and styles, and came up with the name —Mise Co. — from the French Culinary term Mise en place — which means everything in its place, Guerra said.

“In Seguin, everyone is always branded to one industry, ‘We only do barbecue,’ ‘we only do Thai food’ or we only do German,’” he said. “We diversified because we’re classically trained and we’ve been to Europe and so many different restaurants. We can do Chinese, we can do Vietnamese or Italian or French, all from scratch so we didn’t want to just say we’re one thing when we can do much more than that.”

The couple has worked in the Seguin area for about three years and have gained popularity within the local farmers market for their fresh ingredients and meal prep bowls which consisted of quinoa, fresh cut vegetables and a variety of healthy food options.

“When we were working at the farmers market, we had gotten our hands on a huge thing of quinoa and we didn’t know what to do with it,” Fox said. “So, we did the quinoa bowls at one of our markets and they were a huge hit. We were sitting on about 10 pounds of the stuff so we decided to do meal prep with it and had about a half dozen really loyal people to try it right around the new year.”

Fox said they are pondering adding the bowls to their menu, but are still working out all of the details.

Currently, the restaurant offers its spin on Americana cuisine with an ever-evolving menu ranging from Belgian frites to bratwurst, with a large majority of their ingredients coming from local provisioners like Uwe’s Bakery, Trinity Farms and Rust Meat Market.

“The kabobs are definitely some of the most popular, but the really awesome thing is that it seems like people’s favorites are spread all throughout the menu,” Guerra said.

One of the fan favorites outside the empanadas and fish tacos, is Mise Co.’s dip, Guerra said.

“Its a spicy and creamy dip. Its whipped cream cheese with our fresh habanero jam that we make from scratch and serve with toast points,” he said. “It’s sweet but it hits with a little spicy kick.”

The duo seeks to keep a friendly environment around their business that revolves around passion and love.

“If you want to have something incredibly delicious and made with love … you should know that it’s going to be good because we put our heart and soul into it,” Fox said. “We love what we do and we just want to share that with people.”

Mise Co. officially began serving up meals on June 6.


Joe Martin is a staff writer for the Seguin Gazette. You can e-mail him at

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