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Thursday, December 02, 2021

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Cindy Aguirre

(Geronimo) — Christmas came early for teachers in the Navarro ISD. The Navarro Education Foundation recently rolled out its latest batch of grants surprising them and their students in their classrooms.

Katie Clark, the interim president for the NEF, says the foundation is again, excited to fund all of the district’s approved grant requests. She says the foundation has many terrific sponsors — many of whom showed up on grant day to walk the halls and surprise teachers with the grant money.

 To date, the NEF has awarded $581,408 in grants. She says the money goes directly in enriching the classrooms with innovative learning opportunities. She says this year, requests again somehow followed a theme. This year, it was flexible sensory seating and many STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) grants.

“For 2021, the Navarro Education Foundation is spending $39, 945 worth of grants for 33 classroom grants. Not all of the grants are $1,500 grants. They vary based on the cost. A lot of the grants were flexible seating, sensory seating and STEM (Science, Technolgoy, Engineering and Math) grants for classroom enrichment,” said Clark.

Clark says this year, the foundation was also honored to have not one but two very special grant sponsors.

“One was in honor of, and one was in memory of. Our in honor of Triston Brashears who is a senior at Navarro, and we all love and support him in his journey with cancer and Quarter Moon Plumbing was the sponsor of that grant for the Texas Reading List Edition for the high school and so, we were really excited to give that grant in Triston’s honor and we are all cheering for him and there’s a big movement in Navarro for T-Strong, just really keeping him and his family in all of our prayers. The other grant was in memory of Coach Tim Holt and that was a Vitesco grant for the advanced microscopy for the high school which was Mrs. Spring’s classroom for biology,” said Clark.

Most of the grants are funded each year through various fundraising efforts. Some of those efforts include the annual Rubber Duck Race and Navarro’s Homecoming Tailgating dinner and auction.

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