Future facilities for Navarro HS still in discussion

Future facilities for Navarro HS still in discussion Main Photo

26 Jul 2023

Navarro ISD, News

Seguin, TX, USA / Seguin Today
Cindy Aguirre

(Geronimo) — The recent announcement on the start of construction for the new Navarro High School campus has prompted other questions about the district’s future. 

One of those questions is the district’s intentions for new athletic facilities at the same location. During the 2021 bond election, voters turned down a $30 million bond package for athletic facilities to be built along with the new school just south of Link Road. 

The bond package, if approved, would have allowed a new turfed football field, tennis courts plus new turfed baseball and softball fields.

New Navarro ISD Superintendent Mandy Epley says ensuring the athletic needs of the district were just as important as getting the ball rolling for the construction of the high school.

She says as promised, the district is working to revisit these needs.

“But we are also looking at our athletic facilities, whether we will be looking to renovate those facilities — keep them at their current locations or go back out for a bond that addresses having athletic facilities with the high school location as originally proposed and intended,” said Epley. 

Not only was a new high school included in the $130 million bond issue approved by voters, but the cost for a new elementary school was also factored in. The future of that elementary school, however, according to Epley also remains a question.

“We also originally in the bond included an elementary school but with the cost of construction escalation, prior to me arriving here, the board made it clear that it was likely that that bond would not be able to cover an elementary. So, part of this process of facilities planning really is looking at our existing plan – what can we do with the existing space that our buildings are on because once we move the junior high over – those junior high buildings as well as central office are now available for other usage or perhaps the land there is available,” said Epley.

Epley says the rapid growth seen throughout the district is keeping school officials focused on the future. With facilities committees set to meet, district officials say they hope to bring forth plans addressing that growth as soon as possible. Meanwhile, much of the focus remains on the groundbreaking of the new high school. The new school is anticipated to be completed in time for the start of the 2025-2026 school year.

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