City councilwoman resigns after moving out of Seguin

Sunday, January 02, 2022

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Dalondo Moultrie The Seguin Gazette

Seguin City Councilwoman Penny Follis’ move beyond the city limits prompted her to resign as the District 7 representative.

The move opens up a seat for someone at an exciting time for the city, Follis said.

On Monday, Follis moved into a home out of Seguin’s city limits in Guadalupe County, leading to her resignation from council. She had no regrets about her service but thought there was more to accomplish.

“I feel good about the three years that I served on council but of course there’s always more to do,” Follis said Thursday. “There’s no finish line.”

She sent a letter Tuesday to Mayor Donna Dodgen announcing her resignation. The move was a requirement as the city’s Home Rule Charter states that all council members must reside within the city limits to hold office.

“Penny did an incredible job serving our District 7 residents,” Dodgen said. “She has always been a very thoughtful, caring, discerning and prepared council member. We will miss having her on city council.”

Voters elected Follis to Seguin’s City Council in November 2018. She was near completion of her first term and had served since 2020 as mayor pro tem.

The year she took over as mayor pro tem is the same year City Manager Steve Parker started in his position. He noticed the seriousness with which Follis took her duties on the council, Parker said.

“The city of Seguin is extremely fortunate to have the type of leadership exhibited by the Seguin City Council,” he said. “Council member Follis has been a dedicated and supportive council member who truly takes time to examine the issues and make mindful decisions regarding what is best for the city of Seguin. Her dedication to the success of this city will be missed by all the city staff members.”

The city appreciates Follis’ contributions and support as a member of the council, Parker said.

It has been her privilege and an honor to serve, Follis said. But now it is time for her to enjoy retirement, she said.

Council will appoint a new mayor pro tem at the Jan. 4 meeting. Follis’ seat on the council will remain vacant until the November 2022 general election.

Whomever wins the seat will join a dynamic group at a time when a lot is happening in the city, Follis said.

“They certainly will be entering the City Council at one exciting time for Seguin,” she said. “There’s a lot of growth and the strategic plan is getting under way. I think it’s a great time for a new council member to come on board and provide their input into the city’s future.

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