Plans for drive through moving right along at local tax office

Plans for drive through moving right along at local tax office Main Photo

2 May 2022

Guadalupe County, News

Seguin, TX, USA / Seguin Today

Lizz Daniels

(Seguin) – Guadalupe County has signed off on the first steps toward the construction of a new drive-through window system at the tax office.

Members of the Guadalupe County Commissioners Court were recently in consensus with moving forward with the renderings being proposed for the project at 307 W. Court St.

Leading the presentation of those plans was Project Manager Keith Fey, of Thorn Architects.

“We are proposing putting in a two-lane drive-through that is covered with the ability to cue three cars behind the cars that are being serviced. What we are proposing is right now, it’s just a lot of plants and weeds are growing there so we are coming back with crushed granite, native plants around that landscaped area. They will be low maintenance. There will be two lanes so each lane will have a pneumatic tube system that will feed into the building and those casters will sit on a piece of millwork and people inside can provide any information that they need and send it back to the residents that are in the cars,” said Fey.

Fey shared a few of the challenges that exist in constructing the drive through on the south end of the building. With each challenge, however, came a solution. Applauding those efforts to find a way to provide this service to the public was Guadalupe County Judge Kyle Kutscher.

“I think the layout is very good with the constraints that we have. It provides a lot of convenience for people that don’t have the ability or just can’t get out of their car. It just may be nicer if nobody is in that drive through to just hop in instead of getting out if there is a line inside. It gives enough staging of vehicles in that existing space not to back up into the normal parking lot. I like the wide lanes. It gives ease of access just the overall benefits having the drive-through are great for employees, for the department, for the public. I like the fact that we are saving the tree. That’s important because it is big and existing. I’m glad to hear that we are going through the extra efforts to keep that,” said Kutscher.

Final drawings plus the process to go out for bids are still on the schedule for the project. Once, those items are met, then a better idea for project completion will be provided.

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